Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dip-Dye Hair

 have been dying to try this and ... FINALLY !! PURPLE!!

I chose chalk pastel to dip-dye my hair instead of hair dye. it's easy and quick.
PLUS you can actually change your hair colour EVERY DAY. Isnt it amazing??
I should have known this EARLIER!!
Just wet your hair, twist it and put your favourite colour by chalk!
It can last for a day or two!

Monday, 11 June 2012

ITC Graduation Fashion Show 2012

Sorry for being so lazy not updating much on this site.
But I am now FREE as a bird, will be having so much time to write some cool stuff
Because I HAVE RESIGNED from my JAIL job hahahhaha

Well its such a relief, to be honest
All my friends are congratulating me and my family is being so supportive for my resignation.

you can tell its not a nice job.

Yesterday i went to PolyU ITC Graduation Show with Zoe
Some of my friends got in the finals and I am absolutely proud of them.

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