Friday, 30 August 2013

Kew Gardens

Im obsessed with tropical plants

and the orchids too!

wearing this new cute pineapple skirt to Kew Gardens
which I bought from H&M
perfect prints for summer


Friday, 23 August 2013

Afternoon Tea at Apsleys

 Apsleys is probably one of my favourite places to have afternoon tea with my girls
Apsleys - a Michelin-starred Heinz Beck Restaurant is located in London's Lanesborough Hotel at Hyde Park Corner. Many world-famous hotels are around this posh area. The chandeliers and the atrium in the restaurant made the whole experience even more enjoyable with bright daylight and beautiful decorations. The ambience was brilliant. Not to mention the food was delicious and the staff was helpful. A great mix of pastries and desserts.

I definitely find afternoon tea is girls'  biggest weakness
would love to go there again!!


Saturday, 10 August 2013


Last Thursday 8th August was my 24th Birthday.

my best friend from Hong Kong surprised me by ordering cupcakes delivered at my door.
Living in a foreign country isn't easy
when your family and most of your friends are far away from you

However I feel soooo blessed that my 'new' friends I've met here in the UK
celebrated the night with me
I'm one lucky girl huh
someone put 24 candles on my birthday cake
I love you crazy bitches


Saturday, 3 August 2013


doesn't mean Boring.

Celine Bag Fall 2013

Transparent Heels


Totally in love with monochrome and simple/comfy outfits
Clean cut
Michael Kors

Simple Slouchy Tee with Sunglasses

I remember I was told that as some people grow older (beyond 30s)
they no longer follow the fast-fashion rule
Instead they are looking for high-quality, comfy clothing
they invest in those timeless staples with simplicity
Cutting and materials are much more important from their point of view
One of the reasons may be they are sick of following the crowd
 they can afford those no-frill understated luxury items
while most of us can only afford high-street items aka fast fashion
And the others, on the contrary, would only like to show off their luxury purchase

Fashion is style.
is not trend
not even about brands

But would you seek high-quality items from Brands?
Do brands equal trust?

Friday, 2 August 2013


Punting X Pimms = Perfection


Spent a lovely day in Cambridge
Perfect weather for a day trip
Amazing Views from the river
Willows and historical colleges with a poetic grace
Outfits: Basic Crop Top // Cropped Trousers Uniqlo X Celia Birtwell
// Silver Glitter Toms Slip-ons

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Summer Breeze

Gathering some inspirations for summer
(It's never too late!)

Comfy tees for sure
Not to forget giving your best sunshine smiles
Elle <3>

Flawless Skin + Sun Protection
Minimalist Make-up with statement eyebrows

Alexander Wang SS13
Uber-cool monochrome/hologram cap

tie up my hair into cute buns

Eat lots of fruits

Explore the city !!

Be safe in water sports

Source: tumblr

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