Monday, 26 March 2012

Creepers Obsession

I have been craving for some creepers for months ago.
They are now making a comeback and they look uber cool matching with punk outfits and colorful socks.
Underground UK is beyond my budget though they really have some decent ones that i ADORE.
And clearly platform brogues are not my options,
as i have seen so many prada knock-offs in the past season and i'm too sick to see more of it.

so versatile to match with either leggings, jeans or dresses. 

The leopard print/black mix is pretty cute in fact. But I'm never a leopard-print person. Therefore I probably prefer classic black ones. Perhaps with some studs and spikes.

See what I have brought back from the TAIPEI Trip

my new obsession
My sister was about to buy a pair of vans in ABC mart.
But then I saw a saleslady wearing THESE lovely babes.
I asked the boy who served us
Then I BOUGHT these at once.
I would have bought the purple ones as well
But they didn't have my size :((

Aren't they Lovely?
I'm super happy with the purchase.

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