Monday, 30 December 2013

Hello My Name is Paul Smith

Design Museum is currently holding "Hello My Name is Paul Smith". The exhibition offers a rare insight into the mind of the designer and his creative process.
Sir Paul Smith dropped by the exhibition during lunch break. My friend and I were lucky enough to see him in person at the venue last Saturday. Many people asked him to sign their books. 
Paul Smith is a photography enthusiast. He is interested in taking pictures and also collecting others' photography for inspiration of his collections.
His office at Covent Garden
Paul Smith's love for colours and patterns injects a truly unique quirky feel and personal touch of style into his own office.
Others' collaborations with Paul Smith
Achive of collections
He is also one of the pioneers who used photography as prints on fabrics
Each store of Paul Smith around the world is different from each other
Let alone the sale, entering the store itself IS a fantastic experience of shopping.

The exhibition lasts until 9 March 2014

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