Saturday, 14 December 2013


I am lucky to be offered an internship at a really cool British designer label after completing my course. The studio is not big but it is a good chance to know every bit of everything like the design process and production.

On the other hand, I have never been so eagerly looking forward to weekend in a long, long time. Do not read me wrong. I enjoy spending time in the studio. The job sometimes does require lots of physical work and a great deal of energy consumption.  However, the most tiring activity is commuting from home to work every day, catching trains and being jostled by the crowd in the tube. Not to mention taking the bus and being stuck in the traffic congestion. I can go on talking about London transport all day but I decided not to. At least not today.

Lately I discover the online shop of Weekday - and its collection MTWTFSS. I fell in love with their clothes at once. (Too bad they do not have any stores in the UK or China) Plus they are offering some really big discount on Cheap Monday jeans for X'mas at the moment. I have placed my first order today!!


Some of the prints are fun and quirky. But most of the clothing are in line with the appealing traits of Scandinavian fashion - simplicity, minimalism and attention to detail.
Time to ask for Santa's little help for my pocket


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