Thursday, 16 October 2014

FULL force

You probably see crop tops everywhere in these two years. I am not the kind of girls who bare their torso while wearing crop tops (Hey so why are you wearing it? umm because I really like them?). Needless to say, it is mainly because I don't have a "nice one aka flat belly" to show off. Another reason is that I feel I would catch a cold or something (Chinese girl's problem) in the end. But full skirt is such a stylish-life-saver. Crop tops and full skirts go hand in hand perfectly (and fashionably without showing my torso YEAH!). I hate to be the last person talking about this trend as it's been going on since early SS14. But I cannot help sharing full/midi skirts with you all. Love xx

pictures all from Harper Bazaar

And me...

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